Vultr – $3.5/month a VPS hosting IPV4, IPV6 – Server backup start at $0.7/mo

Vultr VPS hosting plans and pricing credits,  coupon
Vultr VPS hosting plans and pricing

A good news is Vultr VPS was opened a new plan comes up with greater features, that is a $3.5/mo ($0.005/hour ) VPS package with these resources:

  1. 20GB SSD storage
  2. 500GB bandwidth
  3. 512 Mb memory RAM
  4. 1.CPU core.
  5. 1 Free IPV4
  6. 1 Free IPV6
  7. They provider offers this package in 15 locations, which means you can deploy a new server in one of 15 locations.

Before this package, Vultr also open another package with a cheaper price $2.5/mo, but there is a small piece you must know.

Check out the $2.5/mo Vultr VPS package.

What different between the $2.5 package and $3.5 package? I see it same resources.

You might right some points when saying about that, but I will show you how different between them.

  • It same about RAM, SSD storage, Bandwidth, CPU core and users can deploy server in 15 locations.
  • But the $2.5 package doesn’t offer the IPV4 for Free. it just offers free IPV6. You want to use IPV4 you must buy for it to use.

See, that’s the big different between two of these package.

check out vultr vps plans and pricing

What can we do with this plan?

We can build a simple website with low traffic or we can use it to build a VPN tunnel to use for yourself.

Or we can use it to running codes, building app or testing our apps.

There are a lot of things we can do with this VPS size.

*** Vultr accepts PayPal, credits cards and BTC as a payment method to pay for your server usage.

*** Pay-as-you go: for all plans.

Check out more offers from Vultr VPS hosting:

$25 free credits for new accounts.

Vultr match program up to $100 free

60% Off BareMetal Dedicated servers.

50% Off Vultr VPS hosting.

$2.5/mo Vultr VPS hosting

$3.5/mo Vultr VPS hosting

How to Convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF, Join PDF files, Export to PDF on IPhone

Write on iPhone or iPad
Write on iPhone or iPad

Presentation on iPhone

Speadsheet on iPhone
Spreadsheet on iPhone
Convert PDF to word or PDF editor
Convert PDF to Word or PDF editor

On this post, I will share you the way to export Word to PDF, join PDF files, convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF, images to PDF, PDF signature, highlight text on your iPhone. Which means you do not need to open the laptop or PC computer to handle these hard works. You can do it on your iPhone with the help of this app.

Does it necessary to upgrade to WPS office premium on iPhone?

This application is entirely free for word file editing, create a presentation or even a spreadsheet. It also free when exporting to PDF. But you must upgrade to premium version to get the full features. To convert PDF to Word you must upgrade to premium. The cost is quite reasonable so anyone can get the premium too. Below are what you’re going to get when upgrading to WPS office premium.

– No advertising disturb your work
– Save as PDF file.
– Merge PDF Files – Save as PPT presentation
– Merge PPT presentation files together
– Support OpenOffice
– Signature inside PDF document
– Convert PDF to DOC
– A lot of templates for reading mode to select.check out now

WPS Office can open almost any type of document including PDF and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. That means that when you use WPS Office to open a document from your favorite mailbox or from cloud service, it will definitely be displayed exactly as it is on your iPhone.

Over the years, WPS Office has continued to improve with three core products of the WPS Office suite: Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet. These products are fully compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). With these versions, WPS Office increases the mobility available to every user, whether they are at the office, school, or on the move.

office for iPhone, iPad
office for iPhone, iPad

Key Features:

– Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet are 100% compatible with Word, Powerpoint, Excel.
– Supports DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, PDF and more
– Built-in PDF reader. WPS Office can not only convert documents to PDF files but also can open PDF files directly. You can also convert PDF to Word file too.
– Also, support for PPTX format: Now users can create, edit and save all DOCX / XLSX / PPTX formats similar to Microsoft Office.
– The interface is improved, eye-catching, easier to use, easy to switch.
A new point of this software is that you can open multiple files at the same time and in the same window. The software interface is also quite easy to use and friendly.

With WPS Office you can share your files via email, Evernote and more. You can also share presentations with others through smartphones, tablets using Wi-Fi.

Now with the help of WPS office, you can continue your work at the office on iPhone anywhere, any time.

download on app store

“Special Deal” $29.99 Adguard Premium for a Lifetime Subscription

Adguard Premium Pro

As an internet user, it is always good to have a peace of mind while browsing surfing the internet. Sometimes this is made so difficult because of the ads that appear here and then while searching for something on the internet. That can be very stressful especially if the data you are searching for is urgently needed. That is why the Adguard premium is in place to help you get rid of ads that pop up while browsing.

So why choose the Adguard premium lifetime subscription? The Adguard premium can counteract the ads that appear on your screen. This internet filter protects your phone from unwanted advertisements that appear on your screen while searching for relevant information. Well if you didn’t know some of the ads that just pop up on your screen are so dangerous and can harm your device especially if it is a mobile device.
Some of these ads have dangerous viruses that only Adguard premium can protect your phone from such malware.
“Special Deal” $29.99 Adguard Premium for a Lifetime Subscription

check out now

  • Blocks all types of ads including video, flash, and other unconventional ads
  • Restricts websites w/ inappropriate content for children (Windows users only)
  • Knows which sites can be trusted (uses Web of Trust data)
  • Blocks ads before pages load into your browser
  • Protects from phishing and malware websites
  • Speeds up website loading times & saves bandwidth
  • Includes use w/ 2 computers & 2 Android devices

Details & Requirements

  • Child restrictions are currently only available for Windows users
  • Updates included


  • Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X 10.7+, x64 (not compatible w/ IOS iPhone, Ipad)
  • Works with all major browsers, if not simply add it in settings

The following are some of the most critical roles that the Adguard premium protects your device from;

1. It can restrict some of the websites from the access of children. There are some contents that you might never want children to have access to. With the Adguard premium lifetime subscription; one can protect children from any harmful content.

2. It protects and blocks all types of unnecessary videos and most of those inconvenient ads that pop up while you are searching for valuable information. That is why it is best to have the Adguard premium to counteract all the unwanted ads.

3. You are always able to know which site is the best to browse on and choose the best website. Some of the websites that we see online are so dangerous. They have viruses and having zero ideas of how to go about them and prevent them from harming your device, and you will find out that your device will have contracted a virus and it will be too late. The Adguard premium lifetime subscription will help you a lot because it will show you the safe sites to browse on.

4. The Adguard premium can block ads before your pages load onto your browser. You might agree with me that speed is necessary on the internet and you feel so good when the browser is so fast or if you have a good internet connection. The Adguard premium will help you archive all of these features.

TheAdguard premiumis very price friendly. At only $29.99 which is 74% off from the initial cost, you get to have your Adguard premium and enjoy your browsing on the internet. It has updates included on it and also it has covered the child restrictions, and these are only available for Windows users.


Adguard for Browsers

Adguard for Mac OS and Window
Adguard for Mac OS

The Adguard premium is compatible with devices such as Android 4.03 going upwards and also the Windows devices. It also works with the major browsers. With the Adguard premium in place, you get to enjoy the freedom of browsing because it will protect your device from all manner of malware. Making it a lifetime subscription is even much better because you will have a better experience while browsing. So why not upgrade today and enjoy!
Note: this deal does not offer for iPhone, Ipad or IOS devices. But there is still have an Adguard Pro version that design for specific audiences of IOS devices(iPhone, Ipad).

You can buy Adguard Pro for iPhone, Ipad by following the button below:

download on app store

What are the Adguard DNS? Where I can find them? Here are the Adguard DNS for different purposes:

Default DNS
Use these servers to block ads, tracking, and phishing
Or use IPv6 addresses
Family protection DNS – If you have kids, you should you the DNS option below. It will prevent the websites that have contents don’t available for kids + + safe search
Or use IPv6 addresses

Does it Necessary to Upgrade to Spotify Premium?

Spotify Offline Music On the Go

Spotify new music

Spotify collections


Well, did you know that with music, you can relieve stress whether you have a long day or want to feel relaxed? To achieve this, you need a continuous flow of music and Spotify is the right music website to be. If you are a true music lover, then you should consider Spotify premium. Personally, I’m a great music lover, and I cannot go a day without listening to my favorite music jam. This happens to be part of my life, and I love it.

As a music lover, Spotify premium is where you need to be. So here are some facts about Spotify premium;
First, if you didn’t know, Spotify happens to be a free music website that has over 76 million daily users. In the year 2016, Spotify has over 40 million paid users recorded around the globe. Spotify premium has excellent features in that it allows users to create their playlists and this will make you design your favorite playlist that you can listen at your preferred time.

Another fantastic feature about Spotify premium is that it provides a playlist that has different genres and moods that are already made for the user. Spotify premium also has a radio selection feature. It allows you to type in the song or even the artist’s name and it will play a song of the similar genre.

With all these create features to your knowledge, why should you then upgrade to Spotify premium level?

1. There is an unlimited selection of songs.

With Spotify premium upgrade, you are allowed to listen to as many songs as you like ranging from the oldest to the latest music genres in the industry. This is advantageous to you as a music lover because you get to browse through all the songs that you wish to listen to. Personally, I get to listen to Hip-hop and soft rock music genres, all these at my disposal ranging from the oldest to the newest in the music industry.
Unlike Spotify premium, Spotify free mobile app will only allow you to shuffle through a couple of songs, and this is disadvantageous. Why? Because it will limit you as a music lover to walk through a couple of songs and prevent you from accessing the best of playlists thus, you will not be able to listen to your favorite music jams.

2. It is affordable and cheap.

With all the features that I have mentioned above, you will not believe it when I tell you that they are only available at a cheap fee of only $12.99 per month! Affordable right? With all the coolest features, that price is so affordable and friendly to any music lover. As a college student, the rate cut into a-half. This is so much fun if you love music and paying that is way beyond the worth price.

3. It has zero advertisements.

As a music lover, you will agree with me that ads can be so dull especially if you are searching for your favorite song over the internet. The free version of Spotify I’d filled with many ads, and they get into your nerves forcing you to listen to those ads. When trying to reduce the volume so as not to listen to ads, they pause until you turn on the volume forcing you to listen to them. There are zero ads in Spotify premium. That is why Spotify premium is the best.

Upgrade to Spotify Premium here

4. You can sync songs to offline mode.

This is the best feature on Spotify premium. It allows you to sync your music while you are offline. Having to listen to music offline is helpful. Personally, I work a lot and listening to music offline gives me a peace of mind. This is because of much data saved while you are offline. So why not try out an upgrade to Spotify premium today and have the best of music to listen to!

download on app store

This All-in-One Document Application can help you handle all of your works on iPhone, iPad

All-in-one Office for iPhone, iPad
All-in-one Office for iPhone, iPad

The best office application in the world for iPhone, iPad can even be better! This all-in-one application can help you handle all of your documents on your phone. So you will never miss anything from your work when you’re going outside. Over 1 billion downloads and over 1.1k ratings on Apple App Store! View, edit and create office documents, presentations and tables perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office and Google applications.

If you are a writer, looking for an application better than Microsoft office smartphone version. This WPS office is a better alternative for you.

This application is a better alternative for Microsoft office, Google document while working on iPhone, iPad. It has a clean design and user-friendly interface in helping users feeling comfortable to make a new document.

wps office premium for IOS

I’m a blogger. Besides workings on Laptop, I also use this application to create a new content to prepare for the next publishing on my blog.

Open any types of documents file

WPS Office can open almost any kind of document including PDF and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Which means you can continue your work from PC laptop right on your iPhone or iPad.


Excellent features

WPS Office built with characteristics similar to what you saw in any PC office. It includes advanced text formatting options as well as the ability to add and edit photos, shapes, tables, and graphs directly to your presentations or documents.

It times to work on your iPhone or iPad outside of your home, your office with the help of WPS office. You can work anywhere, anytime when riding on the bus or the subway. You can read, edit or even share it with your co-workers.

WPS office is sharing this application with two types subscriptions free and paid. The free app comes with the ads inserted at the primary interface. It is annoying our look and feels. And it has some limited features that only available for the paid plan.

Upgrade WPS Office Premium

When you upgrade to WPS office Quarterly or yearly, you are going to get all these features enhance too.
– No advertising disturb your work
-Save as.PDF file.
– Merge.PDF Files together
– Save as PPT presentation
– Merge PPT presentation files together
– Support OpenOffice
– Signature inside.PDF document
– Convert.PDF to.DOC
– A lot of templates for reading mode to select.
– Compress any documents files to the smaller size. Reduce file size, transfer faster, save space.

Upgrade to WPS OFFICE Premium here

Don’t let the free version stopping your steps. Upgrade to premium now to get these features for your office works.

download on app store

I’m using this application every day via my phone. Sometimes, I’m going outside, and I don’t have the laptop in hand, I use it to view some works from my co-workers sending to me. And I don’t need to wait until I come back to home.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting and Woocommerce


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services across the world. It’s one of the three recommended by It provides different varieties of hosting solutions ranging from newbies to larger business.

Why Do You Need Bluehost?

Before setting up your website, you need a domain name and a hosting platform that will put your site live. Bluehost’s primary aim is to provide you with these two services – website hosting and domain name.

Besides, Bluehost produces content designed to boost your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps you to increase your website rank on the Google site. This tactic generally improves your business in general.

Bluehost also helps you to set up your website on WordPress. WordPress features Bluehost with a control panel known as Bluerock platform. This platform aims at providing a hosting platform ideal for running WordPress websites.

Woocommerce + WordPress hosting

Woocommerce + WordPress hosting
Woocommerce + WordPress hosting

If You want to open your online business, you must use this plan.

BlueHost also offers a Woocommerce + WordPress hosting for you to open an online store. Check out Woocommerce hosting here

The BlueHost Woocomerce + WordPress hosting plan is a simple way for your online business store. You don’t need to do the hard installation the first after you had purchased the service. All hard works as the installation+ configuration are all done by itself. You just access your Woocomerce hosting and start to prepare for your store.

Benefits of Using Bluehost Hosting Services

Today, Bluehost is the special offer to all WordPress users. WordPress endorsed this amazing web hosting service and comes with benefits such as:

1. Affordable Price

Bluehost provides affordable hosting plans in the market.  The Bluehost price is reachable to most users, more importantly, the newbies. Besides, there are no other hidden fees when signing up for Bluehost account.

2. Improved Customer Support

Blue host lets you interact with their expert team anytime to ensure that everything you need for your website hosting is placed in order. Bluehost users are free to inquire about the things necessary to make their site more efficient via their online chat, phone or email service.

Bluehost has a database that provides users with knowledge through video tutorials and supports documentation. This means that both beginners and experts are exposed to extensive help.

3. User-Friendly Panel

Bluehost not only aims at providing excellent support for its clients but also offer a user-friendly control panel. Its advanced cPanel helps you to manage your website, emails, and domains from one central location. As a result, this panel helps you to save the time of your operations.

4. Guaranteed Security

Bluehost guarantees its users complete protection for their website. It is built with Secure Shell Access (SSH) to allow admins and web developers access their configuration file securely. They also offer other security features such as an IP address blacklist, private keys and password protected directories.

5. It Comes With Extra Benefits

In addition to that, Bluehost lets you enjoy a free domain name for one year after signing up for their services. It also offers advertising credits on Google’s AdWords and Bing.

Write a blog on BlueHost WordPress Hosting
Write a blog on BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress hosting Pricing and Plan

Bluehost provides you with a variety of hosting packages. It comes with four plans with affordable price depending on the services you need. These plans include Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Prime Plan and the Business Plan.

1. Basic Plan

This plan is mostly ideal for bloggers. If you are also a beginner, this plan has the best answer to your dream. The Basic Plan enables you to host one website. It is also accompanied with 50GB storage space per account, 5 email accounts with 100MB storage for each account and 25 subdomains.

This plan for beginners. check it out

2. Plus Plan

This is the most known Bluehost’s plan which cost $4.45 per month as the first price. Plus Plan also comes with tons of benefits including unlimited email accounts, unlimited web storage, and bandwidth, unlimited websites, and subdomains.

This plans for bloggers on-going

3. Prime Plan

Prime Plan comes with more benefit compared to Plus Plan. It provides you with all the features contained in Plus Plan. Besides, it offers you domain privacy and site backup pro.

This plan is for websites, blogs with higher traffic. check it out

4. Business Pro Plan

This plan provides you with everything offered by the Prime Plan. Additional benefits you get from this plan include dedicated IP, SSL Certificate and Spam Experts for two domains.

This is how it looks inside BlueHost WordPress Hosting

You can manage the state of your WordPress themes and Plugins inside the BlueHost WordPress hosting panel such as update, install-uninstall a new template, new plugin.

When it comes to providing the best website hosting solutions, Bluehost WordPress is considered to give the best answer ever. Its back up by WordPress Organization has given it a great advantage to serve and provide an ideal solution for both admins and web developers across the world.

As we have seen, Bluehost offers various hosting plans which comes with different prices to reach all level of customers in the market. Its starter plan is affordable and provides 24/7 support from their expert staff. With all unique features which are user-friendly, this attests that Bluehost is the best option for you.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of starting out as an admin or web dev, consider signing up for any Bluehost Plan. It’s cheap to start and you will upgrade as you continue growing your business. Have Bluehost WordPress and experience an amazing adventure on your blog and website journey.


Disclosure: We are a professional blogging site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we promote. The opinions on this page are our own and we don’t receive the additional bonus for positive reviews.

WPAP Art – Where is the place to hire designers?

hire the WPAP designers

This article will show you how and where to hire the designers with the best talent for turning a photo into a WPAP Art. Converting photos into WPAP image is an excellent art of its kind. The maker behind this trending style is Wedha Abdul Rashid. Finding a technical specialized to turn images into WPAP can sometimes be challenging. This leaves many people who are aspiring to make WPAP images to wonder on the best places or platforms they can use to hire the designers. Today, I’ll help you to know the best site you will find WPAP image designers at a lower cost – starting from $5, but before going into details on this, let’s first understand what we mean by WPAP image and a small history behind it.

👁‍🗨 You can Hire the talent WPAP designers here

What is WPAP Image?

WPAP stands for Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait. The maker of this style is a graphic artist by the name Wedha Abdul Rashid, originally from Indonesia and he invented it in 1990. WPAP art portrait design uses the principles of vector art involving tracing on a photograph of the subject.

A WPAP design look like this

The History Behind WPAP Images

On his career, Wedha worked at Hai magazine where he used to make portraits illustrations of all famous figures including artists, musicians, and politicians. As the adage goes, “Old is Gold,” Wedha made this style after finding it expensive and difficult to draw a realistic and detailed face of a character, due to his aging sight.

WPAP is the easiest way to illustrate human portrait using varying colors and decorative shapes such as sharp angles and straight edges. This style has been commonly used to represent portraits of famous people, usually in magazines and newspapers. Today, WPAP style has grown and increased its popularity as part of the pop art style.

What Can You Do With Your WPAP Image?

Having your face depicted in WPAP style can be as exciting and fun experience as having a WPAP image for a famous person. You can use your WPAP as an avatar for social media network including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides, you can use your WPAP image in your newspaper or magazine.

A WPAP image can make your Instagram look nice. It can help you PR your Name to a higher level.


Tools Required in Designing WPAP Art Portraits

If you’re planning to create portraits in WPAP style, you need Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Besides, you can also use Adobe Flash, CorelDraw or Microsoft Word.

Do We Have Challenges in Creating WPAP Art Portrait?

Since WPAP is an illustration of the actual face of a character, coming up with WPAP image that resembles the character can be a challenge. The most challenging parts to get right are eyes, mouth, and nose. These are the parts that will mostly determine the look and familiarity of the person. There is a need to keep the subject recognizable while designing your WPAP image. As a result, you need to get special designers who will complete this up to your desires. Now, the question is, where will you get these WPAP designers, and at an affordable price? Let’s keep going.

Believe me, don’t try the hard work on your own. Let’s put it in the hands of the talented designers.

 Best Site to Hire WPAP Image Designers

Quality is one of the factors considered by any person ranging from business people to customers. To be honest, coming up with quality WPAP art design is not as easy as selling a service. You need dedicated professions who aim at not only conceptualizing high-quality WPAP images but also doing it within your budget frame. Fiverr is arguably the best platform where you can get your WPAP art portrait designers at a reasonable and competitive price. With as low as $5, you will get help to grow your business with the help of artistically fiction characters.

🔵 You can hire any excellent WPAP designers right here

Guideline To Fiverr Account

Fiverr is the number one online platform in the world for $5 services. Its services are categorized in 12 major groups, among them is Graphics and Design whereas a client, you can find and get quality designers to work on your WPAP design starting from $5. Therefore, for you to get designers in this marketplace, you need a Fiverr account, which is quick, easy and free to create.

Hire a wpap designer on Fiverr
WPAP Designers

Why Fiverr is The Best Place To Get WPAP Art Portrait Designer

1. Huge Market Place

Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. As a result, there are thousands of professions who are providing services on a daily basis. Fiverr allows you to view top performers which makes it easy for you to choose a person of skills you are searching. Breaking into the Fiverr market is also easy, making you get the best designer for your WPAP images.

2. Easy Pricing

Pricing in Fiverr is simple. All you need to do is to check out for the competition within designers according to the services they are providing and decide on who to pick. The pricing has an increment of $5 which is easier to scale your budget quickly.

3. Quality Work and Completed Quickly

If you do your selection right basing on the gig posted by different designers, you will get quality designers who will complete your job quickly and offer you quality service as well.

4. Secured Personal Details

With Fiver, be sure to have total protection on your details. Fiverr does not share anybody’s information with any third-party. It only shares information that assists you as a client and your customer in learning more about each other. This makes you do your business transaction with your employee at ease.


As a buyer, you have nothing to lose with Fiverr. This is the best platform to find a quality designer for your WPAP Art Portrait. Sign up for free and find your best WPAP art portrait designer.

hire wpap designers

Top 21 Best Shopify Themes for your Online Stores 2018

Select a proper Shopify template
Select a proper Shopify template

Top 21 Best Shopify Themes for your Online Stores. When it comes to starting an online store, the design of your site plays an important role. It determines the number of customers and sales as well. As a result, to record a good profit, you need to pick the right eCommerce platform template. However, coming up of the right online store template can be challenging to most of the business people. Fortunately, in this post, we are going to cover in details top rated Shopify themes from ThemeForest.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce store solution, and we have narrowed down top 21 best Shopify themes for your eCommerce business. Our list comprises themes that will make your website stand out from others and please your visitors. Our selection is based on the rates, customers great review and the following features:

Features of Shopify eCommerce Templates

Build-in custom user-friendly setting panel – Our list comprises themes that will allow you to modify and adjust them to what you like. They give room for adding your top categories in your primary navigation tool which in turn enhance buyers to find what they want on your site quickly.

Responsive design and SEO-friendly – These themes are eye-catching and provide you with a lot of options available to increase your search engine visibility to prospects hence making it easier for your customers to search and find your products.

Pre-built in tools that makes you customize your site comfortably without much coding. This list is also made up of themes that have excellent customer support.

In addition, our key features that helped our theme selection is device compatibility, faster browser, and clean.

When you have a quality Shopify template, you’re guaranteed with an excellent eCommerce design solution. All you need to do is to set it up, add products, custom your product information and start optimizing for online sales.

21 Best Shopify Themes from ThemeForest

In this article, we’ve updated our list of the top 21 best Shopify themes on ThemeForest, all of which are bated to be the best for your online store solution. To make your work a bit easier when doing a selection of your best theme based on your interest and the type of business you want to run, we have grouped our list into six main categories.

Best Technology Shopify Themes

1. Electro

Electro shopify theme
Electro Shopify theme

Electro theme is user-friendly, responsive and Shopify theme with many styles and is used for selling gadgets and electronics. It is compatible with Shopify Sections making you have a great adventure in finalizing your online store project.

The responsive feature makes Electro theme compatible with all sizes of screen. As a result, all your customers can get optimal service from your online shop regardless of the device they are using for browsing.

Electro is modeled with eight colors giving you options to choose the best signature you can use to make your site page look interesting. It also gives you various options for your product reviews. With this theme, you can increase your sells utilizing the up-sell shopping cart feature.

👁‍🗨 View Template

2. Digital World

Shopify Digital world theme
Shopify Digital world theme

If you like standing out of the crowd with unique features which are hard to find in the market, Digital World is for you. It’s a unique Shopify template for any eCommerce technology website. Its primary focus is to ensure that your site meets all the needs of hi-tech, digital, computers, and mobiles.

It is featured with a variety of pre-built homepage layouts. This means that with this theme, you are ready to start adding your products and their information and start selling.

👁‍🗨 View Template

3. Porto

Porto Shopify theme
Porto Shopify theme

Porto is the ultimate responsive theme which is readily designed to work with tons of combinations and variations. Porto is an excellent solution to all levels of site builders.

Porto has more significant selections of layout variations, up-to 20 unique homepage layouts with unlimited headers. It is also a search engine friendly which is highly optimized for speed with any browser. It supports multi currencies and different languages. It is also built with various color options.

This theme is ready to revolutionize your technology project and give you the perfect eCommerce business experience ever.

👁‍🗨 View Template

4. Home Market

Shopify Home Market Theme
Shopify Home Market Theme

If you are planning to create an eCommerce site that has an extensive inventory, then Home Market theme is the best option for your choice. This theme gives you the freedom to launch a massive online shop that can be used to sell electronic products of all kinds and categories.

The Home Market theme focuses on giving you complete control of your store with ease regardless of the number of products you have.

It comes with great features including user-friendly layouts, various color options, compatible design, mega-menus, sidebar filtering and many more amazing features.

👁‍🗨 View Template

Best Shopping Shopify Themes

5. iOne

Shopify ione theme
Shopify ione theme

iOne is known for its pastel colors and sharp edges. It comes with twelve demos which correctly show off the clean aesthetic.

It comes with beautiful built-in features like grid change, AJAX toolbar, alternative image options, product zoom, sticky menu, lazy loading and more amazing features.

This theme gives you the best eCommerce solutions.

👁‍🗨 View Template

6. Merchandiser

Shopify merchandiser theme
Shopify merchandiser theme

Merchandiser theme is dedicated Shopify theme whose primary aim is based on providing a modern and appealing platform with maximum ability to deal with online shops for many different ways in the market.

This theme has advanced features with a perfect combination that will suit your desire and speed up your process of designing your online dream shop. Its elements are engaging and compatible with your device.

The Merchandiser has a built-in off-canvas shopping cart for scanning product details and off-canvas tool for a quick view, which makes this theme to have smooth and fantastic end-user browsing and shopping experience that enhance the number of visits to your site and more profit at a long run.

👁‍🗨 View Template

7. Handy

Shopify Handy Theme
Shopify Handy Theme

Handy is easy to use Shopify template which is responsive and contains many attracting styles. It’s the best option for those looking to start an online shop selling handmade products.

The Handy theme is featured with attractive tools including out-of-the-box layout configurator that enables you to set custom layouts, an EU privacy cookie, social networking icons, powerful search engine, video slideshow, mega-menu and many more.

With this theme, you are also able to customize all the colors and fonts. Getting your eCommerce website with this stunning Shopify theme can be a fantastic adventure in your online shop business.

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Best Fashion Shopify Theme

8. Jasper

Shopify Jasper Theme
Shopify Jasper Theme

Jasper theme is one of the highly customizable Shopify templates for your online store. It uses six key layouts which are combined with full width, along with all available options through Shopify sections. Its product page options are built with a range of amazing widgets including quick product view, currency switcher, add-to-wish-list options, and mailing list pop-ups making the whole experience of using this theme to be exciting.

Jasper enables you to build a full-fledged online store without any hassle. It provides you with multiple options for customization, advanced color management and many more.

With Jasper, you have various options for choosing the best homepage design for your shop. Besides, Jasper is fully compatible with most of the modern browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome and many more.

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9. Fastor

Shopify Fastor Theme
Shopify Fastor Theme

Since the original version, this theme has undergone tons of updates. It has a unique outlook. In addition, it’s less complicated, faster and has excellent support from Shopify unique features. It gives the best product image size for your brands. Besides these unique features, Fastor has also improved documentation with videos for tutorial purposes.

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10. Ella

Shopify Ella Theme
Shopify Ella Theme

Ella is quick responsive theme suitable for fashion businesses. It provides gorgeous layout options with features like product image banners, blocks, colors and more. This template also comes with an advanced menu module for different categories allowing your visitors to select their desired products efficiently. The navigation layout helps your prospects to filter the products using price, brands, and colors. Ella is also compatible with all devices making your eCommerce site to display correctly.

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Best Entertainment Shopify Themes

11. BookShop

Shopify Bookshop Theme
Shopify Bookshop Theme

If you want a beautiful looking online bookshop, The BookShop theme is your best choice. It’s a wonderfully responsive Shopify theme provides the best solution for your dream eCommerce bookshop. It’s ideal for an online store for any media products including movies, audio, eBooks, music, video games and more. The beauty of this theme is that you can efficiently use it to sell both physical and downloadable goods.

You can also use BookShop theme to dedicate its pages to book/movie reviewers, authors, and publishers.

It has infinite color setting options and advanced layout.

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12. Ap Melody

Shopify AP Melody Theme
Shopify AP Melody Theme

Ap Melody theme is compatible with most of the devices like laptop, desktop, tablets, and mobile. It’s very responsive with a friendly user interface. It has a unique design for musical instrument and CD store.

One of the updated features for this theme by ThemeForest is the color filter homepage. This makes it easy to choose your color of interest from home page to make your site attractive to your customers.

Besides, what makes Ap Melody an exciting theme is its power to support HTML5, CSS3 and auto-language layout. Its friendly demystified codes will help you design a lovely online shop.

Ap Melody also comes with tons of amazing built-in features including powerful and advanced admin panel which helps you to manage your online shop without any hassle.

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13. O2 Club

O2 Club Shopify Template
O2 Club Shopify Template

You want your clients to recognize with unique landing page feature? O2 Club Shopify template does it well. It’s responsive Shopify theme with excellent landing page features. O2 Club has a professional design with ample space giving you a better option of selling large stocks of different items.

This theme brings a unique shopping experience to your customers since it’s built with plenty rooms at the header and footer which helps you to do your product promotions and provide the general outline of information for your Club.

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Best Health and Beauty Shopify Themes

14. Foodly

Shopify Foodly Template
Shopify Foodly Template

Foodly is one of the Shopify themes that tops in the ThemeForest health and Beauty category. It were responsive and designed as a Shopify grocery online shop that is appealing to customers who are looking for clarity and quality.

It is featured by basic setting options for images and all illustrations for your products. It is eCommerce-ready and provides all the fundamental tools you need to create a robust, unique online shop for your food needs without any coding.

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15. Beauty

Shopify Beauty Template
Shopify Beauty Template

If you are looking to start an eCommerce business that sells and promote beauty related product, look no further than Beauty theme. This theme is highly responsive and has a thoroughly optimized design that is compatible with any mobile device. Some of its beautiful features include fancybox widget, which has ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ options, and a friendly editor panel with adjustable options for colors.

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16. YourStore

Shopify Yourstore Template
Shopify Yourstore Template

YourStore has been one of the biggest selling Shopify themes on ThemeForest. It is an eCommerce-ready theme with over twenty pre-made layouts which gives you a broad platform for building an online store of your dream.

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17. Everest

Shopify Everest Template
Shopify Everest Template

Everest is the most beautiful Shopify theme, packed with attractive features. The design is ideal for any online shop with fashion to accessories. It comes with plenty of customized options through its advanced admin panel.

With over eight unique homepage layout, Everest provides you a unique platform which has a built-in slider and SEO optimized code which keep your products in the spotlight.

Besides, Everest also comes with custom parallax effect widget which adds an extra custom touch to your site. Everest is also featured with inbuilt AJAX support which makes your store to feature smooth transitions of pages.

Other Everest top features include quick view tool, mega-menus, cross-sell slider, and newsletter pop-up and zoom tools.

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Best Miscellaneous Shopify Theme

18. Everything

Shopify Everything Template
Shopify Everything Template

Everything is a multi-store Shopify theme well for your online store. It’s versatile with over 50 different designs making it suitable for any eCommerce website – ranging from kid’s fashion store to hi-tech store. Everything is featured with a responsive design, multiple slideshow tools with different effects, advanced product filters, mega-menu and customization tools and many more amazing features. With these unique features, Everything gives you an excellent and enjoyable starting point for any online store website.

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19. HelloBaby

Shopify Hello Baby Template
Shopify Hello Baby Template

HelloBaby is an excellent Sectioned Shopify template for eCommerce business selling kids products and accessories. It’s a responsive design which makes your shop to reach your customers from all types of devices – from smartphones to laptops to tablets. It comes in harmony colors (usually pink and white) and allows your prospects to share their shopping experience on different social accounts. Also, HelloBaby has a Drag & Drop page feature that enables you to customize your page to the layout you desire, without having to do even a single coding. You can also change fonts of the page and add or remove content with its sectioned features. Other in-built amazing features of HelloBaby theme include unlimited color variants, auto-language translation tool, SEO boost and super-fast loading.

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20. Logancee

Shopify Logancee Template
Shopify Logancee Template

Logancee theme is created for those people who want to open eCommerce business for selling various products and accessories in style.

It features large images along with call-to-action tools at the header part of your website shop. The ‘EXPLORE NOW’ button allows your clients to browse the special discount of products in your store.

Just by using images, you can impress your customers using this Logancee template. It comes with a vertical gallery featured on an individual page which makes your products to easily visible to your customers without more clicks since all they need to do is just to scroll down below any product description to see all the assigned product images. This feature is somehow odd, but it’s unusual and playful which brings fun and fantastic shopping experience to your customers.

Besides, Logancee theme is designed for modern apparel shops. Other features of Logancee template include dynamic product grid. It also gives you a chance to feature your story by enabling a Youtuber video in homepage.

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21. Flowerify

Shopify Flowerify Template
Shopify Flowerify Template

Are you planning to start an online flower shop? If yes, then you’re on the right track. Flowerify is a romantic and professional responsive Shopify theme which provides excellent solutions for your online flower store. This theme is very reliable when it comes to creating an overwhelming and splendid bouquet of flowers. It is designed with a broader width slideshow on the homepage that catches your customers’ eyes easily, and they can see all your products displayed. Flowerify comes with an advanced pre-designed homepage that is more flexible to help you build online flower shop that matches your expectations and impress your customers’ target.

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There are still more than 500+ Shopify Templates available to buy on the Themeforest. Would you like to find out more? If the lists of 21 best templates above which isn’t meet the requirement of your online stores, Here are the suggestions for you:

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Running an eCommerce business is an exciting business adventure as long as you take things seriously and do what is needed. The design of your online shop plays a crucial role in your business. For you to record a successful eCommerce business story, you need to start as earlier as possible. Starting earlier means having the right tools at hands. Therefore, these eCommerce Shopify templates will enable you to start your online shop with beautiful and compelling designs.

High-quality professional designers create these Shopify themes. They are credible themes whose primary aim was to build trust in your customers’ minds. They are user-friendly and designed in such a way that your visitors are attracted to your online store and stay for your solution for long-term business.

The good news is that these Shopify themes come with documentation and online video tutorials that guide you in making changes without interfering with the overall design. Therefore, choosing a Shopify theme that suits your industry can be the best solution for your eCommerce business, and we are sure that you’re going to find yourself a winner in the eCommerce business history. Good luck!

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